The opportunity to be employed in the areas of marketing, sales and distribution as well as production makes Philip Morris a unique company in our labour market.

Philip Morris CR a.s.

Marketing, Finance, Sales and Distribution, Human Resources, Corporate Affairs and Information Services
you can work in the areas of Production, Occupational Safety and Health, Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Purchasing, Planning and Quality.
consist of Sales Representatives and Customer engagement executives.

Philip Morris Slovakia s.r.o.

situated in Bratislava - Human resources Information Services, Legal, Corporate Affairs and a part of the Sales department
are formed by Area Managers along with their sales teams, Key Account Executives and Consumer Engagement Executives.
  • Philip Morris is the largest manufacturer and marketer of tobacco products in the Czech Republic and the leading company in sales of tobacco products in the Slovak Republic
  • In 2015, we were awarded with the prestigious TOP EMPLOYER certification
  • Socially responsible is one of our main objectives
  • We are a part of the EU regional structure, but most decisions are made at the local level
  • We give people space to find their work & life balance, organize their work according to their and the company’s needs
  • As a part of career development, we offer international work opportunities, assignments and cooperation on global projects
  • Thanks to the cross-functional career moves, our employees have a great number of opportunities to learn about the company in depth alongside their career development

"International Internship"

"Varied courses for personal development and supporting the "Talents". Travelling between affiliates and trainings abroad. Projects across departments providing opportunities to work with people from different departments, of different personalities and skills. A large number of experts from which to learn. An opportunity to attend short-term or long-term assignments all over the world. These are the things that convinced me to start working for such a unique international company."
EHS Specialist

"ambition like hell"

"Working for the local number one and – in particular – one of the world’s leading international companies is an ambition like hell to me. If you want to learn from the best, Philip Morris is the right address. There is always space for new ideas, so it's not a conservative society of "wise men". It's rather a dynamic creature always looking for the best. The best ideas, the best solutions, enthusiasm and therefore the best people, too."
Brand Manager

"wear a T-shirt"

"Despite the high level of professionalism, the in-house culture in Philip Morris is relaxed and open to new ideas. Personally, I appreciate the direct approach and informal dress code, which allows me, for example, to wear a T-shirt and jeans. I feel comfortable and can fully concentrate on the job."
Marketing Intern

"why I get up for work"

"Three words: career, continuity and colleagues. If one has enthusiasm and ability, is not afraid of change and wants to grow, Philip Morris provides them with all necessary means, from the processes through the superiors’ support to the wide range of career paths they can take. The opportunity to work with many great people is a reason for me to get up for work in the morning."
Brand Manager

"a large degree of freedom"

"What has most moved me forward at work was the fact that every individual has a great deal of responsibility in the company and a certain degree of freedom, if they have the good idea for improvement. An employee never gets the answer: „no - this is how we've been doing this for 20 years and we're not going to change it."
Junior Brand Manager

"if you want"

"It doesn't happen anywhere that you can move across various departments without being an expert and learn how a big corporation works. I started during university and in a short time I gained practical experience in my country and also abroad. If you want, possibilities you don't even know about appear."
Manager Commercial Area

"flexible office"

"Work for Philip Morris allows me to watch my son grow and learn and to work on my career at the same time. Together with my supervisor we have found a way to put together work and private life. My weekends start on Thursday evening and with unlimited connection I can set up my office anywhere in just a few minutes."
Manager Regulatory & Fiscal Affairs


"I like the diversity in Philip Morris. Whether it's among colleagues, challenges and also among benefits, thanks to which you will fully enjoy your work and free time. You won't feel uncomfortable even beyond your comfort zone with Philip Morris. Distance has for long not been a barrier in the development of your career and the cooperation with affiliates in other countries is open to your career development."
HR department Intern

"it's a company for people"

"What I like about Philip Morris is the approach to people by people. Everyone treats others nicely and openly in the same way regardless of their position. Everyone is assisting and willingly helping others with any problem. It's a company for people. Corporate culture in Philip Morris seems unique to me. Approach towards employees is amiable and helpful. Thanks to good workplace relations, reaching goals is much simpler and much more pleasant."
Philip Morris International global project Intern

"the only woman"

"In my position I'm the only woman in the team. I've never had a feeling that opinions or experience of my male colleagues would be preferred. On the contrary, because I'm a woman, I'm coming up with a female insight and sometimes with different solutions and scope. Philip Morris exercises a diversity and uniqueness approach towards every one of us and hence supports our professional development and career growth."
Supervisor Commercial District

Philip Morris CR a.s.

  • Contribution for summer and winter holidays
  • An extra week of vacation
  • Sick days
  • Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC)
  • Life and Accident Insurance
  • Vouchers for leisure activities
  • Excellent health care
  • Education allowances
  • Prevention and Wellness Programmes
  • Recreational facilities for employees
  • Sports and social events for employees
  • Discounts with contractors
  • Refreshments at the workplace
  • Sick leave allowances and care of family members

Philip Morris Slovakia s.r.o.

  • Competitive compensation
  • Possibility of development and career growth
  • Life and retirement insurance
  • Company car also for private purposes (for selected positions)
  • Health care, sport, culture, education and traveling contributions
  • Contributions on life and work anniversaries
  • Support for parents when returning back to work from maternity / parental leave
  • Additional vacation days
  • Dynamic environment of an international company
  • Flexible working hours and work from home

Our behaviour is the foundation of how we work at Philip Morris. Behaviour is the foundation of our culture and our success, both individually and as a company.

These behaviours are important to us for who we are and what we do.

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