"An internship at Philip Morris is a unique opportunity to convince yourself that you can do it!"

Philip Morris CR a.s.

  • Our internships usually last three to twelve months with a possible extension, and are designed for students of the 3rd, 4th and 5th year of university
  • You will work on a specific project with the support of your supervisor and colleagues
  • During the internship you will get to know the different departments that make up the whole in a globally successful company
  • You will learn about how international corporations work and what we have to offer you in your work life
  • You will have an opportunity to find out if a career with us is just the job for you

  • On the JOB OPPORTUNITIES page, you will find the INTERNSHIPS currently open. Using the REPLY button, apply for the competition and send your CV.
  • After the CV is sent, it is passed to a representative of the HR department for further processing.
  • If you pass the initial selection, an HR representative will contact you by phone and go with you through the details of your position, your expectations, capabilities, experience and other important information.
  • If you are suitable and meet all requirements for the job, you will be invited to an assessment centre or an individual interview.

  • Accept the challenge
  • Be yourself
  • Seize opportunities to gain contacts

Philip Morris Slovakia s.r.o.

Philip Morris is offering to university students:

InKompass – Global Internship Program
Cross-functional project work
Work for a specific department
Duration approximately 4 months, repeatedly in 2 terms approximately 12 months with a possibility of continuation
For whom students in last two years of their studies (4-th and 5-th university grade) primarily students of 3-rd and 4-th (or 5-th) university grade
Supervisor mentor from the senior management level department supervisor
Benefits contact and relationship with the company between the 2 terms as well a possibility to get to know the department well and participate on everything the department works on
in case of successfully completed tasks and suitable profile, a job guarantee after finishing university in case of successfully completed tasks and suitable profile, a job possibility after finishing university
flexibility of working hours flexibility of working hours
Recruitment realised during certain terms only (e.g. 1 month a year) realised on-demand, depending on the needs of individual departments
How to apply www.inkompass.global HERE using section VACANCIES – Part-time jobs

Mária, Global Philip Morris Internationl project

"It is a unique opportunity to try out your skills in a worldwide respected corporation. The feeling that I'm doing something real and sensible. Possibility to try out things you've learnt at university in a respected corporation, where they treat you fairly. The job in Philip Morris job gave me a feeling of being a part of something real. You can feel it's a worldwidely successful company the moment you enter the building. All colleagues are hearty and polite regardless of the seniority of their position. I have been nicely surprised by their helpfulness. They realise I'm a student and so my working hours are flexible. Another great experience is that my direct supervisor, with whom I'm working on a worldwide successful project, is located in Budapest and we're communicating solely in English. Thanks to this fact, every day is a new challenge, new chance to try how it feels to be working among professionals, a chance to fulfill my dreams."

Petra, Marketing Department

"When I was looking for an internship during my university studies, I was looking primarily for a place that would allow me to know the work in an international environment and encourage me in my personal growth. Although this may sound like a cliché, the internship at Philip Morris fulfilled these expectations. During my six-month work in the company I had the opportunity to collaborate with leading advertising agencies, directly cooperate with foreign colleagues and improve my English due to using it on a daily basis. Thanks to the internship, I had the opportunity to get involved in solving many practical business problems. This was mainly due to a very large degree of autonomy given to everyone in any position."

Vojtěch, Internship Abroad

"Given the size of the company and its international character, which is close to me, I was still an intern when I was given the opportunity to spend several months in one of the foreign affiliates, which from my experience is quite an extraordinary attitude on the part of the employer. In less than 2 years, I have been working at three positions across departments, which allowed me to gain a much greater insight and a more concrete idea about my career direction. I like the relaxed atmosphere here and the personal and human approach from the management side."